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Tinned Sardines in Olive Oil, by Minnow

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These small (or young) sardines are caught in the Mediterranean Sea and then brought to the cannery on the coast of Bizkaia, Spain. Here they are cleaned, steamed and packed in the traditional manner - all by hand - with high quality olive oil and sea salt. With 10-14 pieces per tin, these small, tender, oily fish are perfect right out of the tin and are ready to use in countless preparations. We love them with fried eggs, drizzling the oil from the can on top. Or in a sandwich with crunchy pickled vegetables, aioli and herbs. Change up a classic Nicoise by swapping these sardines in for tuna.

Minnow was started by the team behind New York City restaurants Hart's, Cervo's and The FlyWe've always cultivated a love for sharing good food and wine in our restaurants, and now with Minnow, we hope to share this appreciation with you in your home. We partner with canneries around the world that share our values of sustainable, traceable seafood caught at the height of the season and meticulously preserved in tins.

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"Thank you for going above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. The quality of your produce, the wine selection, and customer service is the best in the city." -Rebekkah

"I love the variety of your boxes and the interesting new vegetables you’ve introduced me to (and make me eat, haha). Your recipes are great and instructions are so helpful!" -Julia

"I want to say thank you, for your services and your ability to deliver a product that has always been much more than what’s in the box. Which is saying a lot: because the box is stellar." -Frank