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Ethiopia Laayyoo, by Ceremony Coffee

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Distinct blueberry sweetness mingles with gentle grapefruity acidity and elegant rose aromatics. So fresh and so clean, this one puts a big ol' smile on our faces.  We love serving this coffee with something herby and savory during fall and winter ... like a rosemary cheddar scone!  It's also wonderful with lavender and anything citrus.

Laayyoo is produced at the Raro Nensebo washing station in Uraga, Guji. The farmers who deliver their cherries to make up this lot come from the village Teraga and their farms sit at an elevation of 2,100 to 2,350 meters above sea level. Laayyoo refers to an indigenous tree growing in this area that provides shade to the coffee plantations

It is processed by Ture Waji. His company, Sookoo Coffee, has two washing stations in the Guji region, one in Uraga and one in Shakiso.

Start with 1:16.5 brew ratio, filtered water at 208-210℉, a medium-coarse grind (for a home coffee pot), and a 3-3.5-minute brew cycle.


Blueberry | Rose | Juicy


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