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Baltimore Breakfast Tea, by Wight Tea Company

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This caffeinated, bold blend of Indian black teas will clear the metaphorical sleep fog to softly warm and wake you to the day ahead. Hailing from the Assam and Ceylon regions of India and Sri Lanka, these leaves are picked, withered, set out to oxidize and then dried.

Wight Tea Company is based in Baltimore and has created a twist on the classic breakfast tea that imparts the familiar flavors of an English breakfast blend, but with better leaves steeped loose for an exceptional flavor that hints of nuts, malt, cocoa, and red wine. 

Contains Caffeine

Ingredients: blend of three Indian black teas

30 grams 

A Woman-owned and Baltimore-based company

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"Thank you for going above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. The quality of your produce, the wine selection, and customer service is the best in the city." -Rebekkah

"I love the variety of your boxes and the interesting new vegetables you’ve introduced me to (and make me eat, haha). Your recipes are great and instructions are so helpful!" -Julia

"I want to say thank you, for your services and your ability to deliver a product that has always been much more than what’s in the box. Which is saying a lot: because the box is stellar." -Frank