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Sourdough Loaf by Manifest Bread

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Manifest bread is a handmade product from start to finish. All of the sourdoughs contain organic ingredients and are leavened with a well cared for sourdough culture. Each loaf that you receive from us goes through a multi-day process to develop flavor and texture.

Rick and Tyes Cook have both been in the restaurant industry for almost 20 years. Manifest Bread was born in 2018 out of a passion for quality handmade products.

So Many Reasons To Love Kinfood

"Thank you for going above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. The quality of your produce, the wine selection, and customer service is the best in the city." -Rebekkah

"I love the variety of your boxes and the interesting new vegetables you’ve introduced me to (and make me eat, haha). Your recipes are great and instructions are so helpful!" -Julia

"I want to say thank you, for your services and your ability to deliver a product that has always been much more than what’s in the box. Which is saying a lot: because the box is stellar." -Frank