What's in the Box

Some say that potato latkes are the star treats of Hanukkah. We think they're the stars of winter holiday season, whether you celebrate the Hanukah or not. Pair these crispy bites with a mix of tasty sauces and toppings, and the party practically starts itself!

This week's box includes:

1. Three Latke Recipes by Kinfood

2. Apple & Date Chutney by Kinfood X Open Hand

3. Flaky Seasalt by Amagansett Sea Salt Co.

4. Smoked Atlantic Salmon by Fishwife

5. Hand-Turned Folk Dancer Spinning Top by the Telfer Family

Top your latkes with smoked salmon and créme fraîche, Kinfood's apple and date chutney and sour cream, or just a simple spinkling of sea salt.

The contents of this week also make a darling and fabulous holiday gift! It's a special week and we hope you'll join us.

Cook Along With Us!

Spaghetti Squash Latkes with Fried Sage
Potato & Turnip Latkes
Root Vegetable Latkes with Herbed Yogurt Sauce


In-Season Produce Shopping List:







Spaghetti Squash


Visit your year round farmers market to do your produce shopping or sign up for a winter CSA with woman-owned Moon Valley Farm or Deep Roots Farm.