Welcome to Kinfood!

We believe that each week is a season to celebrate and that living in rhythm with nature brings greater happiness, focus, and kinship into our lives.  Also, it’s fun!

The Kinfood weekly selection encompasses many things.  At its core, it's a well-balanced collection of seasonal fruits and vegetables grown by local farmers committed to sustainable practices, like salmon-safe and no-till farming.

The collection of fruits and veggies follows a basic architecture each week, made especially for those who love to cook!  We always try to include seasonal favorites that bring comfort and familiarity, some heirloom and rare veggies that might be new to many, and kitchen favorites like alliums, herbs, and carrots.

To accompany the recipes, we pair a bottle of natural wine and you can add on bread, pasta, coffee, extra fruit, pastured eggs, and more to make many plant-based meals all week long. 

We love to cook alongside our customers.

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How it works

Depending on your location you will either have the option to pickup your order or receive a delivery to your door.

We package your order in an insulated, reusable bag.  LCA tells us this is the most environmentally friendly option for packaging so we try to reuse the bags as many times as we can.  You can leave your bag out where you receive your delivery and we’ll pick it up or drop it by Cone & Steiner.  We sanitize bags after each use so they’re squeaky clean for the next week.