About Cooking Club

Dear Kinfoodies,

Thank you so much for being a part of our journey. I’m excited to share that we’re pivoting to become a cooking club because dinner’s better when we cook together!

Our in-house chefs have adapted a professional culinary education for the home chef and together, we’ll learn 1-2 skills each week in a learn-by-doing approach.  Each week, members get three seasonal recipes along with skill tutorials.  We also plan to hold monthly in-person workshops and meet ups.

Skill Badges

For each cooking skill you learn, you’ll earn a skill badge worth a certain number of Kin Coins.  Kin Coins can be applied towards merchandise, classes, and events!

Why a Cooking Club?

It feels like we’re in the midst of a community apocalypse.  There are 21.5 million print cookbooks sold each year. #TikTokFood has over 25.2 billion views. 370 million recipes just on AllRecipes.com.   And yet, most of us are on our own in the kitchen.

People used to cook and grocery shop in community and transmit their know-how to the next generation. Life in the tech-age often means isolation in the kitchen, feeling overwhelmed with information about how we should be eating and what we should be cooking, and discouraged about our ability to live sustainably.

We’ve come to believe that dinner and cooking is stressful, however it's the lack of skill and community.  We envision a world where dinner is the best part of the day, when we can feel at home and connect with our favorite people. 

I hope you’ll join us!


Kelly Singer

Kinfood Founder

How it Works

Subscribe to the cooking club

As a member, you'll get:

  • Weekly recipes and tutorials.
  • A map of your learning progress with milestones and badges.
  • Invitations to meet-ups, cooking classes, and community dinners in your area.
  • Membership to the Cooking Club chat community.

Cook along each week

Each quarter, we focus on 20 essential skills every home chef should have down pat. Members learn these skills through cooking the weekly recipes and practicing as well as attending workshops and events, offered virtually and IRL.

Earn skill badges

After you've cooked along with us for a quarter, you'll earn 20 badges for a total of 80 skills and badges over the year. Badges hold value and can be redeemed to attend events or purchase merchandise.

Attend meet-ups and events

Dinner's better when we cook together! Meet other people in the Kinfood community, host a cookbook party through our community platform, or attend a class in your area to connect in real life.

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