Polenta Bowls with Rapini, Leeks & Mushrooms

Polenta is a delicious, easy, and versatile pantry item we love keeping on hand. It can be added to soups, baked into cakes, cut into squares and fried in a skillet...the list goes on. But our favorite way is to keep it basic and eat it as a creamy porridge. To ensure your polenta is the best it can be, there are a few key things to know: the ratio of water to corn should be high (ours is 5:1 here), it will take some time, and it should never be heated to a boil - keep it low and slow! If you’d like to speed up the cooking time however, you can soak your polenta with its water for a few hours in advance of cooking it. When it’s time to make it, just skim off any floating bits and pour the polenta and its soaking water into a pot. Follow the cooking directions below, and plan on the cooking time being cut down by about half.

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